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Cacao for Your Heart
Nantli Cacao from Guatemala

Nantli is symbolic of the unconditional love of Mother Nature – the generous, abundant, life-giving love that sustains and nurtures us again and again. She is wise, kind, supportive, and nourishing in her essence.

Discover Nantli
Connecting Through Ethical Cacao Magic

Nantli means “mother Nature” in the ancient Nawatl language, it symbolises the abundant, uncondotional love she provides. At Nantli, we do not ascribe to any spiritual practice or world view. Our connection and guidance comes directly from our hearts and the medicine itself. We give credence to the healing potential of this plant – and through such reverence understand the importance of maintaining integrity and respect in every step of the process. We belive That the first step to any healing proces is to show up with an open heart.

Captivated by the spiritual resonance of Lake Atitlan, we embarked on a journey of discovery, led by the whispers of cacao’s ancient wisdom.

As the vision took root, so did the commitment to integrity. Nantli Cacao became a vessel for change, a platform for breaking the chains of exploitation that had plagued the land and its people. The ceremonial cacao, nurtured by the lush soils of Guatemala, became the embodiment of this vision – a bridge between tradition and modernity, between healing and exploitation.

Nantli Cacao's Vision Unveiled

Our  Mission with cacao

Our mission is to end common exploitation practices in Guatemala, both of the land and of the people. We aim to achieve this through the regeneration of the native forests by way of ethical agroforestry and also through the empowerment of the mayan people by way of dignified and integral business practices – all the while providing the highest quality single-origin cacao that you can find on the market today.

Our cacao fulfill this mission by protecting and preserving  the most biodiverse region in Guatemala, restoring ecological balance in an area that has suffered ecological destruction from corrupt agricultural and business practices. Nantli’s work is protecting some of the last jungles in Guatemala.

We recognize cacao’s immense potential – not only in its medicinal, heart-opening capabilities, but also in its capacity to forge integral relationships both in business and with our relationship to the land. The importance of maintaining integrity and reverence is fundamental to our mission.

With each sip, you’re not just in a moment; you’re stepping into a vision. The healing touch of cacao spans borders and time, shaping a world where unity reigns. Nantli Cacao weaves this narrative – a promise of unity, healing, and an enriched future.

cacao has the incredible potential to nurture growth, to awaken our senses to the subtleties of the world, and to remind us of our interconnectedness to everything in the universe. 

Ethical Business Practices

The ethics of cacao production are complex and multifaceted, concerning economic equity, cultural preservation, and transparency. The cacao industry must confront these ethical challenges head-on, recognizing that sustainability and social responsibility are not optional but essential components of a thriving and ethical cacao industry. The ethics of cacao production encompass a range of issues, including labor practices, environmental sustainability, fair trade, and social justice. Our intention is to share these complex ethical considerations to shed light on the challenges and opportunities in the cacao industry.

The ethical imperative for Nantli is clear: the cacao industry must work to eliminate explotation, ensure fair wages for workers, and provide safe working environments.

Our commitment to ethical practices is as vital as the cacao that sustains us. We recognize the Maya people as custodians of the land, their wisdom deeply intertwined with the forests they have safeguarded for generations. We stand by their side, advocating for fair wages and dignified work conditions that reflect the true worth of their contributions.

haring Sacred Cacao: Nantli's Path to Connection and Discovery

The concept of fair trade in cacao production seeks to address the economic disparities that often exist between cacao farmers and global chocolate corporations. At Nantli we aim to ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their cacao, allowing them to improve their living standards and invest in their communities. 

By honoring the Maya people’s role as stewards, we ensure that their connection to the land endures. We embrace practices that empower them, offer them opportunities beyond exploitation, and reflect the spirit of collaboration and respect.

Supporting fair trade cacao is an ethical choice that empowers small-scale farmers and promotes economic equity.

Empowering Communities, Nurturing Integrity: Nantli Cacao's Ethical Commitment

Impact on Biodiversity

Sustainable farming not only preserves biodiversity but also helps cacao farmers adapt to changing climate conditions, ensuring the long-term viability of cacao production.

Cacao farming can have a significant impact on the environment. Traditional farming practices, including deforestation and the use of pesticides, can harm ecosystems and contribute to climate change. Ethical cacao production should prioritize environmentally sustainable practices, such as agroforestry, reforestation efforts, and organic farming methods. 

Through ethical agroforestry, we sow the seeds of restoration. We believe in cultivating native forests that thrive with life, that rejuvenate the soil, and that stand as living testimonials to our commitment to sustainability. By nurturing biodiversity, we honor the essence of Guatemala’s land and ensure a legacy of vibrancy for generations to come.

Nantli Cacao's Ethical Commitment

Historically, The  Maya people have been the gatekeepers of some of the richest, most fertile lands of Guatemala. The reality of ecological exploitation from mining, palm oil, and sugar industries poses a real threat not only to the families stewarding such sacred lands, but also to the land itself. Ethical cacao production should respect and preserve the cultural heritage of these communities.

Our Vision for the Future

Nantli’s vision is to heal, in every aspect of the word. To heal the land, to heal hearts, and to heal the relationships between indigenous people and modern capitalistic practices.

Our intention is that  with each cacao crafted, a unity tale unfolds. For ethical practices to fuse with exceptional products, communities blending with nature, cultures that bridge generations. This future is no abstraction; it’s etched in every nurtured cacao bean, empowered community, and conscientious decision.

Our dream is regenerated forests, where flora and fauna harmonize. A future where the Maya  people thrive as empowered stewards, bound by dignified practices and deep bonds with their land.

A Tapestry of Healing and Unity: Nantli Cacao's Vision Unveiled

Ceremonial cacao made in guatemala

Our founders and every single human being involved in the growing, transporting, processing, designing, marketing, packing and shipping of our products is Guatemalan. This product is 100% made in Guatemala by Guatemalans and all of the profits made from it stay in Guatemala. Our moral compass in business is a model that can be easily replicated, and that can empower small-scale farmers in Guatemala like never before. We are hoping that by continuing to use this model we will be able to truly empower Mayan farmers to grow their lands, their pockets and their hearts ever more rapidly.

antli Cacao, our pledge to ethical practices is unwavering

our farms

Our farms and the families who dedicate their love to this plant are the beating heart of Nantli. They are the ones who plant, grow, and tend to the cacao. They work everyday with their hands in the soil and their heart in reverence to this medicine. None of this would be possible without their labor of love. We seek to support them every step of the way through an ethical and equal business model that supports their growth and expansion. Nantli’s mission creates positive impacts that can be felt by everyone – not only to the people who are in close contact with this medicine, but also to the earth that supports it. Our agroforestry practices ensure that the lands we tend remain rich and abundant, and live on for generations to come to provide for all.

A Tapestry of Healing and Unity: Nantli Cacao's Vision Unveiled
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