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Nantli Cacao presents ‘Ceremonial Cacao,’ a divine experience with 100% organic single-origin cacao. Elevate your senses and nourish your soul with this exquisite natural gift. Discover the blissful benefits of heart health, mindful awareness, and emotional uplift. Embrace the magic of our sacred elixir for a transformative journey. 🍫🌱 #OrganicCacao #CeremonialCacao #NantliCacao

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Embark on a profound journey with our "Ceremonial Cacao," a divine offering from the extraordinary world of 100% organic single-origin cacao by Nantli Cacao. This sacred treasure holds the key to physical nourishment, emotional uplift, and spiritual connection like no other.

Indulge in the richness of flavors and awaken your senses as you savor each sip of this exquisite natural gift. Our Ceremonial Cacao is carefully curated to elevate your mood and promote heart health, enriching your well-being in ways beyond imagination.

Prepare to be transported to a state of mindful awareness as you immerse yourself in the blissful experience that "Ceremonial Cacao" bestows. Feel the gentle embrace of its loving energy, guiding you towards introspection and a profound sense of unity with the universe.

Unveil the secrets of this sacred elixir through our enlightening blog, where we explore the holistic benefits that Nantli Cacao's cacao has to offer. Embrace the purity of our ceremonial cacao, crafted with love and dedication, and discover the transformative power it holds.

Welcome the ceremonial essence into your life and elevate your spirit with each sacred sip. Embrace the magic of "Ceremonial Cacao" by Nantli Cacao, an embodiment of health, well-being, and harmony.

🍫🌱 #OrganicCacao #NantliCacao #HealthandWellness

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Ceremonial Grade

Unique origin carefully selected by Nantli Cacao, Cultivated 100% organically in natural environments, Specially designed for spiritual ceremonies and rituals


Vegan, Single Origen, 100% Organic, Premium Ceremonial Cacao, Ceremonial Cacao, Fair Trade


No allergens

2 reviews for Ceremonial Cacao-Block

  1. ANDY (verified owner)

    i Could taste the passsion and history in this cacao when i cut off a sliver of the block. Researched several other brands AND ALWAYS KEEP COMING BACK TO THESE GUYS, I CAN FEEL THE CULTURE OF THE MAYA IN THIS CACAO, IT’S TRULY AMAZING.

  2. Digital Alignment

    This is a incredible Ceremonial Cacao

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